Lopez weds Ojani Noa in Miami in front of 200 friends and family, including Oliver Stone, who directed Lopez in U-Turn. The marriage lasts 13 months, but the couple remains friends, with Noa managing Lopez restaurant Madre’s in 2002. In 2006, though, Lopez sues Noa, charging that he demanded $5 million to shelve a tell-all book about their relationship. Ojani Noa was the first husband of the famous singer Jennifer Lopez. He was born on June 11, 1974 in Cuba.

Even if they were happy at the beginning, they got divorced in January 1998 , after a year of marriage. The cause of the divorce was a sexual content video which was leaked on the Internet , especially from a room of a hotel in which they stayed in their honeymoon.  Ojani Noa defended himself saying: “It’s not pornographic”. He said in a TV show that the video was more romantic , than pornographic .

She met Cuban-born Ojani Noa when he was waiting tables in Miami while Jennifer Lopez was filming ‘Blood and wine’.

Jennifer Lopez’s first ex-husband Ojani Noa has won the fight to release intimate footage from their short-lived marriage. But he isn’t happy with the way Lopez, her family and her legal team have been treating him and has gone as far as calling the singer’s mother a gold digger. He said in an interview:” I’m a regular guy trying to make a living and trying to work. I never in my life or 12 years since I’ve been divorced from her ever said anything bad about her or her family.”

Jennifer Lopez said in an interview that she just picked the wrong f–king guys .

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Yeh hai Mohabbatein is primarilly an indian soap opera, monitered by Balaji Telefilms with the care of Ekta kaapoor. That was started to go ahead from 3 December, 2013, holding the hand of Star Plus. The story has already completed 500+ episodes and it is still running successfully. It is telecast for only 30 minutes daily but not at Sunday.

The main characters of the serial “Yeh hai Mohabbatein” are Raman and Ishita. Ishita Iyer has come from a Tamilian family whereas Raman has come from a Punjabi family. They are connected with each other with a lovely relationship.

Shagun is Raman’s ex-wife who cheated with him and at last divorce was done between them. Raman has two children with Shagun. Ruhi is one of them and living with Raman. There is a good friendly relation between Ruhi and Ishita. Actually Ruhi wanted Ishita as her new mother and at last Raman recognized Ishita as his wife by a social wedlock. But there is a shocking secret of Ishita. The secret is that Ishita won’t be able to produce any child ever. That means she is actually infertile.

But, here the most problem creator is Raman’s ex –wife Shagun. She is trying to create problems between them. The story is running through these types of problems, solutions, hatred, romance, laughter etc. The serial is running successfully all over the world and it has already got huge amount of fans by entertaining it’s viewers continuously.

Coffee Ani Barach Kahi is a typical Indian love story of opposites falling in love that has been told countless times in the Indian cinema. The movie is the same old tale of a dreamy girl awaiting her prince charming and a cynical bad boy shying away from marriage. The two work for an IT company where the girl Jaai works under Nishaad who she eventually falls in love with. Nishaad, who doubts the institution of marriage, has a hard time accepting his love for Jaai but later on what inevitably happens in every typical love story does happen here too. The story in itself does not have anything new to offer and the ending is pretty conventional just like the rest of its precedent movies on the subject. But, what makes this movie stand out is its fresh treatment of the subject and its good screenplay. The dialogue writing is another commendable offering of this movie. The audience can easily connect scenes from the movie to their real life situations. There are funny scenes and good moments in the movie and anyone who likes easy going movies with happy endings should definitely watch it. The movie does seem over stretched at times but overall the cast, dialogues and the easy playful treatment of the subject makes the movie a good one-time watch.